OpportunitiesThe CFS provides comprehensive access to food safety expertise through faculty members who can offer the appropriate science to address a vast range of food safety issues, supporting the food industry, regulatory agencies, small businesses, and consumers. The new CFS multiuser facility also offers unprecedented training opportunities through access to new laboratory and pilot plant facilities that allow hands-on training.

The unique design of the CFS facility also permits observation of all laboratory activities from outside the BL2 environment to allow training and demonstration opportunities without requiring attendees to complete BL2 training.

Graduate Student Training

  • CFS Staff provides over 50 years of combined experience to support training and guidance in a laboratory setting for graduate student research programs in food microbiology. CFS laboratories allow access to state of the art instrumentation and automation in food testing and characterization of foodborne pathogens.

Industry Training

  • Conference and workshop ready facilities with easy access, supported by onsite laboratory facilities and experienced staff provides exciting new opportunities for training of food industry personnel by world-renowned food safety scientists.

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